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Sara K. Rubin Pottery
150 Sunset Drive
Rochester, NY 14618
Phone: (585) 442-6890
fax (585) 473-7331


Various Sized Plates

  • Various Sized Plates
  • All plaques come with a leather strap or a loop.
  • All $70. retail


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Catalogue No. Catalogue No.

  Catalogue  No. Description
2320   "Give Us this Day", with wheat (7"x15")
2320p   "Peace" or "Peace be with you"
2320e   "Every Meal Shared in Love is a Feast"
2320e/s   "Every Meal Shared in Love is a Feast", with shamrocks
2320cea   "Cead Mile Failte"                   
2321   "Shabbat" (Hebrew)
2322   Star
2322sh   Shalom
2323   Music
2343   Free Form Plates  (various)
2413g   "Give us this Day" tray, with holes (8"x11")
2413e   "Every Meal Shared in Love is a Feast", tray, with holes  (8"x11")



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