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Sara K. Rubin Pottery
150 Sunset Drive
Rochester, NY 14618
Phone: (585) 442-6890
fax (585) 473-7331


Small Rectangular Plaques

  • Small Rectangular Plaques (3"x 6")
  • All plaques come with a leather strap for hanging.
  • All $22.00 retail
  • Plaques come in many colors versions, examples seen throughout. Each is unique.


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"God Danced the Day you were Born" Cat. No. 2000gd 2008 sample 1 2009 (sample 1)
Catalogue No. 2000gd Catalogue No. 2008 Catalogue No. 2009


  Catalog No.    Description     Catalog No.    Description 
2000b/p  "Blessings"  with plant 2025 "Dios Es Amor" (Spanish)
2000m "Mercy" 2026 "Praise"
2000gd    "God Danced the Day you were Born" 2026m  "Praise" with music
2000g "Grace" (horizontal) 2027 "Believe"
2000g "Grace" (vertical) 2028 "Deo Gratias"
2000giv "To Give is to Receive"                       2029 "Faith, Hope, Love"
2000par "To Pardon is to be Pardoned 2030 "Rejoice"
2001   "Shalom" Hebrew 2031 "Courage"
2002 "Shalom" (Hebrew & English) 2032 "Hundred Thousand Welcomes" (vertical)
2003 "Shalom" (Hebrew) & "Peace" 2033 "Hundred Thousand Welcomes" (horizontal)
2004 "Shalom" & "Peace" 2034 "Bless This House"
2005  "Shalom" (English) 2035 "May the Lord Bless and Keep You"
2006  "Peace" 2036 "The Best Things in Life Aren't Things
2006(v) "Peace" with plant (vertical) 2037j "Trust" (Japanese)
2006hc  Holy Cross Angel, with "Peace 2037e "Trust"
2007 "Chi Rho" 2038 "Love" (with marriage cross)
2008 "Marked as Christ’s Own Forever" 2039 Episcopal Shield
2009 "Bless the Children" 2040 Disciples’ Chalice
2009t "Bless the Four-footed Ones" 2041 Disciples’ Chalice with Celebrate
2009m  "Bless my Four-footed One"   2042 Methodist Cross
2009a  "All Pets Go to Heaven"               2043 "God Bless Our Home"
2010  "Be Still" 2043 (sp) "God Bless Our Home" (in Spanish)
2011 "Welcome" 2044 "Lord Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace"
2012 "IXTHUS" 2045 UCC Symbol
2013 "Joy"      
2013h "Hope" 2045lth Lutheran (MS) Symbol
2015 "Peace" (Japanese) 2046 "Witamy" (Welcome, Polish)
2016 "Heaven, Earth, Man" (Japanese) 2046n "Namaste" (Hindu)
2017 Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon (Japanese) 2047  "Shalom" (Hebrew) or(English)
2018 Wheat & Grapes 2048 Celtic Cross
2019 Fish 2049 "All are to be Welcomed as Christ" (and 'Ora et Lobora' 2049a)
2020 "Love" 2050  "Seek Peace & Pursue It"(St Benedict)
2020v "Love" (vertical) with plant)  2051 "All Shall Be Well"
2021  "Alleluia" 2052 Baptismal Plaque, with fish
2022 "Serenity" 2053 "I am the Way,  …Truth, …Life" (and "I am with you Always" 2053a)
2023 "Peace Be With You" 2054 "To Teach is to Touch a Life Forever"
2024 "Bienvenidos" (Spanish) 2055 "You are in God's Healing Care"
      2056 "In Everything Give Thanks"