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Sara K. Rubin Pottery
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Rochester, NY 14618
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Medium Rectangular Plaques

  • Medium Rect. Plaques (4½"x 8")
  • All plaques come with either a leather strap for hanging.
  • All $32.00 retail
  • Plaques come in many colors versions, examples seen throughout. Each is unique.


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Catalogue No. 2144 "Bless the Children" Cat. No. 2123 "Alleluia!" Cat. No. 2092
Catalogue No. 2144 Catalogue No. 2123 Catalogue No. 2092


Catalog No.

Description   Catalog No. Description
2090  "Peace Be with You"    2123t "Bless the Four-footed Ones"
2090g/p "To Give Pardon is to Receive..."   2124 "Courage"
2090b    "Blessings," with plant 2125  "Cead Mile Failte"
2092 "Alleluia" 2126  "You the Singer, You the Song"
2093 "God is Love" 2127 "Peace / Justice"
2094 "Come Holy Spirit" 2128 "God Alone"
2095  "Veni Sancte (or Creator) Spiritus"      
2097    "Marked as Christ’s Own Forever" 2129 "May the Lord..." with Marriage Cross
2098 "Shalom", with Earth, dark blue  2130 " The Best Things in Life Aren't Things"
2098e "Shalom", with earth 2131 "God Above Me, God Below Me"  
2099  "Bless This House 2132 Celtic Cross (Jeweled)
2101 "Peace"         2133  "Live In Love" with wedding rings"
2101s   2134 "Bless this House" with Shamrock 
2102 "Vaya Con Dios" 2135 "Fiery Love"  
2103 "Mi Casa Es Su Casa"   2136 "God Bless Our Home" (Polish)  
2104  "Welcome" 2137  "Witamy", Polish Welcome
2104h "Welcome", with house & heart 2137n  "Namaste" (Hindu)
2105 "Welcome" with cross  2138 Methodist Cross and Flame 
2106 "Love"         2139  "May this Home be Blessed" (Hebrew or English)
2107  "Serenity"         2140g "Grace"
2108 "Serenity, Courage, Wisdom"                2140 "Amazing Grace"
2109 "Do Everything with Love" 2141  "God Bless Home" with Cross
2110 "Be Still and Know that I Am God" 2142 "Lord Make Me an Instrument of your peace
2111  "Shalom" (Hebrew) & "Shalom" 2143  "Dios Bendiga…Casa" (Spanish)  
2112 'May the Lord Bless" 2144 "All are to be Welcomed" (St. Benedict)
    2145 "Give us this day"  
2113  "Bienvenidos" (Spanish) 2146  "Listen with the Ear of the Heart"(St. Benedict)
2114 "Dios Es Amor"(Spanish) 2147 "Shalom" (English or Hebrew) with music  
2115 "Bidden or Not Bidden God is Present" 2148 "Every Meal Shared in Love
2116  "Singing is Praying Twice" 2149  "To Teach is to Touch a Life"
2117 "Praise"   2150 "God danced the day You Were Born"  
2117m "Praise" with Music 2151 "Seek Peace and Pursue It" (St. Benedict)
2118  "Rejoice" 2152  "All Shall Be Well"
2119   "Faith, Hope, Love" 2153 "Ora et Labora"  (St. Benedict)
2120 "Deo Gratias" 2154 "I am With You Always"
2121 "Believe" 2155 "I am the Way..."
2122 "This is My Body" with earth 2156 "In Everything Give Thanks"
2123 "Bless the Children"      
2123a "All Pets Go to Heaven"      
2123m "Bless My Four-footed One"