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Sara K. Rubin Pottery
150 Sunset Drive
Rochester, NY 14618
Phone: (585) 442-6890
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Larger Rectangular Plaques

  • Larger Rectangular Plaques (5½ x 10)
  • All come with a leather strap or loop.
  • All $44.00 retail


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Catalogue No. Catalogue No.

  Catalogue  No. Description
3081   Celtic Cross
3081cea   Gaelic Welcome      
3081g   'God Danced the Day You Were Born"
3081b   "Be Still and Know that I am God"
3081t    "To Teach is to Share a Life"
3081e   "Every Meal Shared in Love is a Feast"
3081g/p   "To Pardon is to be Pardoned"    
3083   "Shalom", with Star (Hebrew & English)
3084   "Give Us this Day"
3085   "May Lord Bless and Keep"
3086   "Listen with the Ear" (St. Benedict)   
3087   "All  to be Welcome as Christ" (St. Benedict)  
3088   "Seek Peace and Pursue it" (St. Benedict)               
3089   "Bidden or not Bidden, God is Present"
3089b   "Bless This House"                        



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